by Anool Mehta

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by Anool Mehta

What usually occurs initially in people's mind when the word 'custom made' is heard is the notion of it being expensive, needed by stylish men and proud men alone?

The truth is Bespoke clothing’s last for years and also display your unique style; you get to be a step ahead of other stylish men. There's a tremendous difference between a normal, off-the-rack piece and a special tailor-made piece. This article lists these differences and the benefits of having your custom made outfits from us.

1. It fits perfectly

Looking good entails FIT and it means exhibiting one’s body in an attractive manner. Having a fit outfit is also of dire importance to healthy guys as healthiness symbolizes being a perfect potential mate. This is the main goal of custom clothing. At Brandy Shirts, we make your shirts well-adjusted as well as providing you with adequate comfort. It is certain that you wouldn't feel any extreme tightness or looseness as these reduces one's confidence.

Even if you are not in perfect shape, you have nothing to worry about. This is because we will help you highlight your best physical attributes in order to divert attention from the less attractive ones.

2. It is made up of superb quality materials.

Do not forget that off-the-rack outfits are not made with quality materials as they are produced in mass production through industrial machines. Besides, no professional is in charge of inspecting the details of off-the-rack shirts unlike the custom made shirts like the Sea Island cotton blue check shirt. Our tailors’ value accuracy, they make adjustments on spot and prevent inconsistencies. They ensure the fabric is durable by keeping to the right number of stitches per inch.

At Brandy Shirts, our clients are able to get the perfect clothing they desire when they select good fabrics before the sewing begins.

3. You have the opportunity to create your own personal style

Custom made shirts brings out the individuality in you. You can be creative by using the right, attractive color, employing a nice collar design, trendy cuff shapes, pocket shapes, and matching stripes. Avery good example is the pink check shirts.

4. It takes less time and doesn't require much effort.

Unlike shopping for off-the-rack shirts, custom made shirts are always controllable and accessible. Working with tailors at Brandy Shirts is fast and reliable as you will be informed on how long it will take to complete your bespoke shirt. We also cater to clients whose works require them to dress up extra nice.

Such client requires a custom made piece that will save his reputation, time and effort, which is strictly what we offer at Brandy Shirts. Our tailors communicate well with clients, listen to their needs and preferences and also give advice when required (Our tailors are experts).

5. Custom made clothes last longer

To get the best outfit, you have to be a smart buyer. This means you shouldn't be discouraged by the price tag. This is because custom made clothes like the blue chambray custom shirt are a great investment due to the materials used and the quality. There's little to mend in future, and adjustment can be made skilled tailors. The following are added to custom made clothes to ensure durability: French seams, gussets etc.


Custom made outfits are far better off than off-the-rack outfits due to the following benefits, Fit pieces, quality materials, personal style, takes less time and effort and it lasts longer. Brandy Bespoke with its staff of expert tailors provided the optimum service you desire to keep you looking good and trendy.